An open-access pure-play lithium niobate foundry
Multi Project Wafers Custom Runs


Proprietary patented “deep-etch” technology

80º sidewalls for up to 900nm thickness of LiNbO3 etching (loss < 0.3 dB/cm)

Wafer-scale fabrication

Photonic and RF circuits with scalable and high throughput fabrication techniques.


Process Design Kit

Our patented deep etching process allows extremely accurate dimensional control (40 nm tolerance) that facilitates a reliable Process Design Kit (PDK) library. Our PDK allows system-level design of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

Multi Project Wafers

We offer Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs that are either base-on or compatible with our PDK stack.

Dedicated Runs

We process dedicated wafer runs based on customs designs or our PDK.

Optic&RF testing

Our fully-automated characterization setups allow full-chip optical and RF characterization.


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